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Our Services:
Lau Engineering Solutions GmbH (LES) provides different services for engineers, mainly in apparatus and construction engineering. Please have a look at our services. Surely you will find something that we could do for you.
Our Philosophy:
Lau Engineering Solutions GmbH (LES) has gathered a lot of experience in stress/strain analysis of the components of apparatus and construction engineering. Therefore the company decided to support other firms in design development and production process. In addition, for our customers, LES does literature research, offers hard- and software solutions as well as advice and training for engineers.
Our References:

The company actively collaborates with FDBR – working group dealing with strength calculations and design rules.
Information for Pupils and Students:
Lau Engineering Solutions GmbH (LES) offers numerous opportunities for pupils and students to take part in the programming of algorithms for the solution of technical problems. For students there is also a good possibility of writing an interesting diploma paper.

Services of Our Partners
Calculations for Apparatus and Construction Engineering:
To the group of our clients belong such companies as Linde, Shell, Alstom etc. For these companies, In­ge­nieur­bü­ro Dr.-Ing. Gert Lau analyses and evaluates stresses in the cold- or hot use components of big steam boilers, refuse incineration steam boilers, as well as in coal gasification plants, waste heat recovery boilers or chemical equipment.

Our company actively collaborates with FDBR – working group dealing with strength calculations and design rules.
Portal for Apparatus and Construction Engineers:
Lau Engineering So­lu­ti­ons GmbH together with Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Gert Lau sponsors a portal for apparatus and construction engineers.

Project engineers, design and calculation engineers can find there a platform for information and ideas exchange.

Program Pool for Apparatus and Construction Engineers:
On the Home­page of our software development department you can find a pool with online programs and Windows applications. These programs allow project and design engineers to estimate temperatures, stresses and deformations in components of apparatus engineering.

In addition, physical and mechanical properties of the materials, which are frequently used in apparatus and construction engineering, are available in our online database.
Sample Online-Software:
This online program allows to calculate heat transmission in walls, bottoms and coverings of different units such as houses, vessels or cases.
PVP Thermal 2D:
This Windows application allows you to estimate non-stationary, even or axi-symmetrical temperature distribution for any construction modelled in CAD-System or in a simple graphic program with any time variable thermal loading.
PVP Thermo–Mechanic Axi:
With this program you can calculate non-stationary temperature and stress distribution in multi-layer plates, hollow cylinders and hollow spheres with any time variable thermal loading.

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